How do I embed a YouTube video in a post?

I tried the instructions in Paul’s May 2014 post (copy and paste the URL and substitute a “v” for the “s” in “https”) and it didn’t work. I assume the forum software has maybe changed since then.

So what simple process am I overlooking?

Have you tried more than one YouTube video and it never works? I find that sometimes it simply does not display for some reason.

It may be some YouTube videos are coded not to be shared or something similar is going on.

I Just copy and paste the URL address.

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Unless I’ve misunderstood, that makes no sense - leave the URL completely alone.
I copy the URL from YouTube, and paste into a post, and it just works :slight_smile:

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Yes, do not modify the URL.

I expect you can typically delete the “s” in “https” and it will work, but there is no reason to do so.

An idea: Instead of highlighting the URL at the top of your browser and copying it, try right clicking on the video and choosing “copy video URL.” This copies a direct, simpler URL to paste into your post. Perhaps this will work better for you.

By the way, feel free to use this thread to practice/experiment.


It has. That was long ago and at least one version of forum software ago. Elk’s correct. Just copy and paste the URL and it mostly works.


Tell me again, this Muppets performance is metaphor for what?


The Muppets need no excuse, they are my go to YouTube example video, this one in particular.

I know a lot of folks use “muppet” as a derogatory term (usually referring to politicians), but in my experience, overall the Muppets are wise, caring, kind, and happy to repeatedly explain things, and that makes them a model for us all in my book :slight_smile:


Oh I wasn’t dishing the Muppets! My comment was an obtuse reference to my inability to understand some concepts.

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Kermit is an audiophile


OK, I’ll copy the URL and paste it here, and we’ll see what happens.

Well I’ll be damned. I did exactly the same thing in the “what are you watching on YouTube” thread on Opening Day, and all it did was provide a link.

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Just like magic. :smile:

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