Spade lug size for M700 Amps?

@Paul @jamesh

I am considering having some speaker cables made for my M700 amps and need to know what size spade lugs to order. These cables would be for REL woofers, so bananas are not an option since I need to double up the L and R leads onto a single post.

My spade lug choices are 6.5mm and 9mm.

Which should I order.

Thanks for your help!

Either will work but I’d go 9mm. That way you can easily plug them in vertically or horizontally without having to finagle it too much.


Interesting, never pay attention to the spade size on M700, since I am using the ~1cm size. Now I know, for smaller spade, it can fit M700 on the sideway.

Whenever I order speaker cables with spades, I go with the next size up from the size that technically just fits. That way, if and when I change amps in the future I can be pretty certain I’ll still be able to use those cables without the hassle of re-termination. A lesson learned … enjoy!