How many power amps can the P10 handle?

I’ve recently acquired a UK version of the P-10, with 9 sockets.

I put 5 x Linn Klimax Twin power amplifiers on it, together with 2 x Klimax Exaktbox DACs, and all was working beautifully for about 2 hours and then it made a horrible noise and shut down. The 3A fuse had blown.

I’m wondering if I had overloaded it? According to the Status Screen the load was 26% so I thought it would be OK.

I didn’t notice if there was an overload warning light before the fuse blew.

Any thoughts?


If you have not already I would contact PS Audio by emailing directly, their response is excellent am confident that they will be able to help.


Yikes. This doesn’t sound good. You might want to get with Kevin at Signature or your dealer.

It should not have overloaded with that load and you did nothing wrong. Even if it had the device is designed to politely tell you that and take care of itself. It’s a serious adult in these matters.

No, replace the fuse and see if it wasn’t an anomaly but I suspect something went fritz. The P10 should be able to handle this.