PS Audio Ultimate Outlet fuse

Hi there everyone. I was gifted a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet. Unfortunately, it lacks a fuse, and I am looking for a replacement. According to the owner’s manual, the unit requires a 1 amp fast blow fuse. The owner’s manual states the following:

“Replace the fuse with the exact same fuse it came with.”

Does anyone know where I can source a replacement? I have tried both 1 amp fast blow glass and ceramic fuses but these appear to blow as soon as they have been installed (the red light on the unit keeps coming on).

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

I just happen to have an UO that isn’t in use, so I pulled the fuse (for the first time ever), to take a look. The stamping is “1A 250V 314”

Thanks Mike.

Mine blew about six months ago and I had a 5 amp Audio Magic fuse on hand and put that in. Works flawlessly in front of my P10 in my headphone system, and sounds great (better than with the stock fuse I believe). 1 amp seems a very low value for this outlet. . . I am not sure what was originally in mine that blew, couldn’t read the value.

Thanks for your reply. The manual in fact states that the fuse is rated at 1 amp. I can certainly try out your suggestion; however, would this provide the UO with complete protection? Also, do you know what the rating is for the original fuse for your P10?

I don’t know about providing complete protection, all I can say is it has presented zero issues since then. 1 amp seems awful small for this application but I’m no expert.

From the P10 manual: Fuse - If replacement is required, for100V or 120V P10 units, use a T250V~ 5A type H fuse. For 230V units use a T250V~ 3A type H fuse.

Getting the exact fuse isn’t important. You’ll just want to make sure you have the correct values, which appears that you do. The fact that it keeps blowing them might be an indicator that something is wrong with the UO.

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Thanks again.

Thanks for your reply