PS10 questions


I’m considering a PS10 for my system.

My first question is, how much ventilation does it need? The website says it’s 21.5 cm high. The rack I would put it in is 25 cm high. Is that enough room for ventilation? It’s fully ventilated on the front and sides. I also have a DAC sitting right above where it would go, and I don’t want the PS10 heating up the shelf above it very much.

Also, I can’t decide between a PS5 and PS10. A lot of my listening is on headphones only (but I have a very sensitive system). Would the PS5 driving a server, DAC, and headphone amp/pre-amp sound significantly inferior to this amp-less system powered by a PS10?

Unfortunately, here in Japan (where the power is incredibly dirty), there’s no such thing as returning a product if you don’t like it, or if you want something else. Once you pay for it, you’re stuck with it. So I want to make the right choice the first time.

Thanks a lot!

The ventilation you mention is certainly sufficient so no worries there.

The P5 would certainly have plenty of power and do a great job but there’s just no getting around how much better a P10 sounds. There’s about half the output impedance driving any load, small or large, and that lowered impedance just makes anything connected sound magical. If you can, go for the P10, but if not, the P5 would make for a wonderful addition.