P10 - Can it be used in the Vertical Position


Currently looking at getting a P10, but am restricted with space.

Hope this isn’t a silly question, but can the P10 (and even the P3 & P5) be utilised in the Vertical Orientation (on it’s side)?



In the case of the P10 I would not think so as the cooling fins on the side would be compromised. . . there is no fan so I would not want to limit the cooling factor.

What Lonson said, the cooling will be different. As long as there’s a sufficient gap on the upper side between the fins and surrounding cabinetry, you’ll be OK on that side, but the problem is the lower side. You’ll have to support the unit on stilts or other pedestals to ensure the air can flow around the fins and then exit upwards (hot air rises) If it was me I’d add a quiet-as-possible cooling fan on the lower fins (minimum) that can pull cool air from outside the cabinet space and direct it onto the lower fins. Ideally, this should be done for the upper fins, also.

The unit itself will work, but for how long I don’t know if it’s not cooled properly.

What Lonson ans Streets said. I suggest checking with PSA customer support. I don’t know if the parts inside the P10 are symmetric or not but, if not, there might be a better side to put it on, assuming it can be used that way (personally I wouldn’t want to try it, but that’s just me).

Ditto. The potential lack of ventilation and the fact that component placement is set up for horizontal use would make me uncomfortable.

But I can appreciate how the form factor of vertical placement could be useful.

Really appreciate all the replies.

Yes, understand horizontal would be the preferred position, but wan’t sure if anyone else had tried in the vertical position.

Looks like I would be best trying to make space to fit in the standard horizontal position.

I could get a P3 or P5 which would be easier to fit in, but understand the P10 is supposed to have better SQ value, and not just extra outlets (P10 has 9 outlets for the Aus, whereas P3 & P5 only have 4 outlets).

Do you have enough room next to the rack to put it on an amp stand. I did that with my old P300. I made a long narrow two layer stand for it. Only thing is I have to run 1.5m cables from two of the four components plugged in to it.

I have a Dectet plugged into wall and the P300 plugged into that. Preamp, DAC, Tuner, and PWT are plugged into P300. I’d love to have a P10, but not in the budget.