Purple fuse for PS15

Hello Everyone
I see a lot of reference about purple fuse but I seem to not find which exact value to get for PS15.

I see a bunch of different configurations in Purple Fuse - Synergistic Research

Can you please help?

Also is there a website where I can go order this? Because sysnergistic website says to first send email to find a reseller based on my zipcode.

If it helps, I live is US.


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It is a slow blow T 5amp small size fuse…
T is for time

Best wishes

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Thank you sir!!
What will I do without PS forum… Such authentic, tried and tested responses every time I reachout.


Forgot to say that


carries the purple fuse

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Angel :slight_smile:

Better still:


Thx again. Why does it say 250V? Shd it not be 120V?

Great question I have read the answer but I forget…

For peace of mind power off your P15 with switch on back.
Remove the fuse and you will see the same exact rating…

Hopefully someone else with more knowledge can help out.

I currently run either the HiFi tuning Silver Supreme3 or SR Orange
fuses both 5 amp…

Hope this helps

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I bought an SR purple fuse for my PST from https://www.vhaudio.com/. Chris VenHaus, the owner, wrote this to me in an email:
“Note that the 250V they cite is a voltage rating that is MINIMUM rating the fuse needs to be rated for, and is the max voltage the fuse can successfully ‘break’ (and keep broken) AFTER the fuse has already blown. All my fuses are 400V and higher, so even safer…”

By the way Chris is very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
Hope that helps.

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Purple fuse made a huge SQ difference.
Folks please do strongly consider if you have not already done so for your PS15’s.

Agreed, I have Purple to replace the Orange in P15 a couple months ago, then I added another one in BHK Preamp. They are sounding better and better.

I have a P15, but am forgetting which value Orange I put in a year ago. One thing for sure: the past few SR fuse models have not been built to industry standards (UL), and as a result many users have experienced blown fuses at component specs. Unless a component is tightly spec’d, and most aren’t by 2-3x or more, it’s become common to go up an amperage level or 25% (e.g., 2A to 3.15A). Audio Magic and most (or all) others are built to proper standards.

I pur a Purple fuse in my P15 about three weeks ago, replacing a Blue fuse.

It has been a great improvement. As a result I have replaced Audio Magic Super fuses in my Decware ZTPRE and now my Decware SE84UFO3 Monoblocks with the Anniversary mods. This was a different type of improvement, but I still like the sound very much and it has a synergy with the fuse in the P15. I have ordered one final purple fuse to replace an Audio Magic Super in my Decware ZROCK2. . . then I’ll have a “full Purple loom.” Looking forward to the day all of these are seasoned in place–I imagine a great system sound.

It is interesting that Purple made a bigger difference in my P15 than in my BHK pre. I do not know if that was because my brain was adjusted to the sound of Purple, or because it was the power generator benefits more than the pre.


My thinking is that since the regenerator feeds all other gear
in the system…the key place for installing would be the regenerator.

If you install an upgraded fuse into a pre or amp without first
installing one in the regenerator…the results will not be anywhere near
as notable…

Just my experience and .02

Best wishes all


That is my thinking too😀


Can someone please tell me what “Fuse Value” I should be choosing from the site? There are a ton of choices in the pulldown menu…

This is for a P15 btw…

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Hey Hubbman…

My P15 uses a small slow blow 5amp fuse…

Currently using a Purple fuse…quite an

Best wishes

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Look at the back panel of your P15, it is printed next to the fuse.

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