How to change disc drive in PWT

How do I change the disc drive in my PWT when the current one fails? I have 2 replacement disc drives and an adapter piece in case my PWT requires it for the disc drives I have. Any link to instructions on how to change the disc drive would be appreciated.

I just emailed you a PDF with the info. It should help!

@jamesh I’d like a copy if that’s OK? My PWT is still going strong but you never know.

@jamesh I’d like a copy too please. My PWT is working fine…but one never knows when Murphy will pop up.

@danm @gthiel sent.

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It sounds like there’s a lot of us with PWT’s going strong.

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Hi James,
Thanks kindly. I’m having a brain fart…I can’t find it.:crazy_face:where is it?


I sent it to your email. Maybe it’s in your spam?

Possible to upload that on the PSAudio site for future reference, in anticipation of that dreaded day?

I received it now. Thanks @jamesh .

Hi James,

I may as well get in on this “just in case” my drive fails thing.

So far, I’ve had to sell two transports due to the drive mechanism going obsolete…

Hi James, i also have a PWT that will need a drive replacement soon can you forward the PDF to me as well, Thanks

Received. Thanks so much!