PWT disc drive replacement

So a previous thread reminded me that I need to get a backup disc drive for my PWT, something that has failed and been replaced in the past. I contacted PS Audio but they do not sell them anymore. I know from my past order that it is a DVD SATA drive, but is there something specific that this drive has that I need to be looking for as I search the internet?

Here is a link to a seller on ebay with a drive that will work in your PWT. If the metal front cover is not bonded to tightly to the drive you are replacing you will be able to remove the one on this drive and install the original so your PWT will look the same. It has been my experience that DVDrw’s function better than DVDrom drives in the PWT.


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I got the drive you cited above but it won’t interface with the connectors in my PWT. The drive I’m replacing is ASUS DRW-22B1S. Are you aware of this before more members try the same fix and find themselves out $23?

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I bet you have an older PWT. As I recall, PS Audio initially used IDE drives and then switched to SATA. My memory may be faulty however.

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Yes, the full model number manufactured in December 2008, is ASUS DRW-22B1S-28 DVD/CD REWRITABLE DRIVE. I wrote to Paul and James to see what, if any, drop-in replacements there might be. Anyone who can shed additional (laser) light (pun intended) would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to add that, given the superb performance of this finely made transport, it would be a shame to see it become obsolete. I love this transport and, in following PS Audio’s mission for quality at high value, which I fully embrace, simply want to keep it running strong and playing tunes.

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Give PS Audio a call to see if they have the necessary power cord for the pata ide drive. If your machine had an sata drive the output board most likely have both the
Sata and pata

interface connections. When

I tried an sata drive in mine they provided the power cord and the SATA cables with their replacement drive.

There are also low cost PATA to SATA adapters. Micro center has them. You plug the adapter onto the SATA drive and it has connections for PATA power and data. I have one a few feet away from me that I hang on to for just such an issues. Check it out…

I had tried one of them in my PWT but not long enough to know if it solved the lock up issues with some CD’s that seems to plague the SATA drives. You are right though. they are inexpensive and do work. You still need the PATA power cable to connect the drive though. I believe there are also PATA SATA power cable adapters available.

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You are correct. The change was forced by the fact that the source of IDE (PATA) drives dried up. They don’t produce them anymore.


Here are some pictures for you. If you PWT is older and does not have the SATA port on the output board than you could use one of the pictured Sata to Pata converters. they are inexpensive and it will allow you to use the SATA drive.

You can also use the front metal plate from your original drive if it is not bonded to well to the original drawer. You will use the original ribbon cable and power cable that was supplied with your stock drive.


Here is a link for the adapter