The correct regenerator (basic question)

I am fairly new to high end audio and brand new to the concept of power regenerators. I am thinking of upgrading my current Rotel separates for PS Audio separates. My question: is the PP12 an adequate size regenator if I am running the BHK Stereo 250 and BHK Sig Preamp? Thanks MB

Greetings - I’m using a BHK preamp and Signature 250 power amp, as well. I purchased a PP12 which replaced an AudioQuest Niagara 1200 - the audible changes were quite noticeable for the better. I entered into a conversation with Darren about possibly replacing my Manley Chinook phono preamp for a Stellar Phono preamp. Long story short was that his recommendation, given the specifics of my current system, was that I replace the PP12 with a PP20. Needless to say, I was surprised to get this recommendation from the SPP designer but I took his advise and couldn’t be happier. To answer your specific question, the PP12 will easily handle the demands of the BHK stack (I don’t recall ever exceeding 40% of it’s capacity) and I run everything in my system through the regenerator. Obviously, the PP20 represents more of an investment but if you can swing it, I don’t believe you will have any regrets. Either way, I’m confident you’ll be happy with what a regenerator will do for your system’s sonics.

I’d be happier if you stepped up to the P15. The BHK250 is a bit hungry.

Thanks guys I’ll consider my options.

MB, the speakers you use with your BHK 250 play a part in which regenerator will work best for your system. I first used a P10 and now a P20 with a PS Stack and 2 subs.

One thing is for sure, if you get a P12 you will probably end up upgrading at some point. My suggestion is either buy a P15 or P20, or wait until you can.

Thanks nortonkp, something else to consider. I have B&W 703’s now but thinking about going to magnepan 1.7i down the road.