How to configurate Foobar with Windows?

I would like to know how to configurate Foobar with Windows ?
Thanks a million

I suggest sending private message to @bruce-in-philly as he requests.

Best of luck!

I could not find anywhere that I could send private message :thinking:

Click on his name and then choose “Message.”

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I could not find that option strangely?

Thank you for letting me know.

You have not been sufficiently active on the forum to be automatically promoted to send private messages. I bumped you up a level and you should now be able to send a message.

Please let me know if you need additional assistance.

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Thank you very much

FYI, I’ve set a few folks up so far. No biggie.

Bruce in Philly


Hi, bruce. Im really new here. I’ve been using audirvana, but want to give a second chance to foobar2000 would you mind helping me set it up?. Really appreciate it, found this awesome community of fellow music lovers.

I have been continuing on in the original thread. Anyone else trying to get foobar2000-v2 to pass bit-perfect dsf files (ie DSD music, DSD256, etc) should check back there too.

Maybe a moderator could move the foobar posts to this thread as it has a more appropriate heading.