PS 10 with different outlets


Is it possible to change the outlets in my PS-10 power plant ?

Yes but not easily.

Thanks, but what would be required?

Why and what would you expect to gain?

The ability to try other outlets such as Oyaide or Furutech ,etc.

Of course you would void your warranty in the process.

They are correct. If you do this you void the warranty. The P10 has an output “module” if you will that is the backpanel assembly. There is a large metal cover that shields the outlets that must be removed. It’s not particularly easy to do that. Once removed it should be obvious how to replace the outlets, which connect to a PCB. You need skill. It was never designed to replace these.

Ok, thanks for the info. I guess I’ll leave well enough alone.

I thought about this too, just since I’m a curious bugger and I figure if any outlets would show an improvement, it would be the ones on the back of the P10!

The idea of voiding the warranty scared me away from that though. The outlets on the P10 aren’t bad at all. They have a nice tight grip, and IMHO, that’s really the key to a good outlet.