P-10 question

Does anyone know how to remove the top cover from a P-10? Have any of you ever experimented with swapping out the outlets with premium quality ones such as Oyaide R-1, Furutech, etc

Great question that crossed my mind as well. Being able to audition and switch between as many as 5 different outlets would be tons of fun.

Wonder whether the sonic signatures of the various outlets would be more noticeable at the wall or within the P10?

+1. I prefer the sound I get with oyaide r1 and gx outlets (cryod) at the wall.

The top cover can be removed but before you do I should caution you that changing those plugs is not an easy task and will void your warranty. You may get better performance but it’s not an easy task.

It would be cool if one could custom configure a Powerplant with the outlets they want. You could have some of the most popular outlet choices as options. People can then mix and match to best suit their needs. For example, use the Oyaide R1 for source components, and the GX for amps, etc. Ok so when will this be possible? :slight_smile: