PWD II - Remove top. Which screws? - Nevermind I figured it out


Which screws do I remove to remove the top. Got to replace fuses. The PS Audio instructions are out of dated - pre all-thread system.

No more You-Tube videos.


The outer screws.


I would like to replace the fuses in my DAC. How do I remove the lid? There seems to be various versions of the unit and different screws to be removed. Mine is a DACII with bridge purchased in 2012



@assisi Appears to be same as mine. Take some snaps of the bottom and post them. Then it will be easier to tell.

Do you have the all-threads?


@assissi give me a call John. Happy to help if needed. Also you may want to pop over and have a listen to my latest addition to the family… The Coincident Statement Line Stage.

Which fuses are you going to use?


Thanks for the responses. When I read of people taking half an hour to remove the top and maybe breaking or bending screws, I thought that I should exercise definite caution. However once I found out which four screws the rest was easy and it took a couple of minutes.

John I will be in touch about the fuses.



The way the top goes on is both elegant and infuriating.

Let us know what you think of the fuses.


@elk My opinion of the top removal debacle is well documented. I am still concerned that Shiloh’s hair is sticking straight up following my decision to remove those silver strips.

Incidentally, several of the silver fingers were floating around inside the PWD2. I blew them out using compressed gas.