How To Optimize Digital Streaming With Optical Fiber

Kewl article! I cannot wait for my Sonore OpticalModule to arrive. It will be switch to Sonore OpticalModule to EtherREGEN side B to server side A to UltraRendu.

And it will be good, Al.

I’ve had my oR going for 24 hours now. I can’t live without it.


You’re tempting me to finally open my oM and give it a try in place of the ER.

Are you planning on running optical fiber out from a switch to OpticalModule and copper ethernet from it to the ER and copper again out to UR? My understanding is you can run copper to OM and fiber out or vice versa. I will be curious of your opinion of essentially double stacking filtration with OM and ER before the UR.

I am running copper from a switch to B side of ER and then A side copper to microRendu as well as optical fiber out from ER to a Lumin X1. I am only using 1 DC output from my SOtM pS1000 to the ER and per suggestion from Alex at UpTone have run a ground wire from the ER to the pS1000. I use separate power supply, LPS-1.2 for the microRendu.

I think optical fiber is a great connection option and really like the results. I can see myself going to fiber optic output server in the future.

Good luck

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I am currently running Ethernet from a switch to an inexpensive optical module, and then fiber from that optical module to the EtherREGEN. The B Side of the EtherREGEN goes through a Cat 7 cable to my Euphony server, the A Side to an UltraRendu. I am hoping to avoid buying an OpticalRendu but with my tendencies I doubt I will be able to avoid it. :wink: