How to play tidal from iPhone to pwd 2 with bridge1

Hi can anyone tell me how to play music from my iPhone tidal or Deezer to PWD 2 with bridge 1? Do I need 3rd party software to play? If need, can you tell me which app I need to purchase?
Thanks and appreciate

use mconnect Player. Try the lite version first. It’s free. If you like it, buy the paid version.

Thanks a lots. Really like it.

I am trying to to exactly this with the App M Connect Player (Full Version), but now I can not do it. The Music Stucks between 2-3 senconds in the App, and I get no Sound in the PWD. In the Past (2-3 years ago) I did this for several months but now it does not work.
Can you do this now in 2020?
I believe since the Bridgr II has arrived maybe ths Support to the Bridge I in over…
Thank you very much. Regards. Carlos.