Mconnect HD, ios, bridge ii ethernet UPnP DLNA - will not play Tidal

I currently use the Bridge II with my DirectStream DAC, using JRiver (PC) and JRemote (IOS) to listen from my local music library - JRiver finds the Bridge II as a UPnP DLNA device.

I want to stream Tidal and use an iOS app to control what I listen to - it seems that my only choice is to use the PS Audio app “MConnect”, which recognizes my Bridge II card as a UPnP DLNA device. JRiver will not stream Tidal (?)

I tried the free MConnect, but it could not find the UPnP DLNA devices (Bridge II), so I purchased the “mconnectHD” app for $5.99 and that did find the Bridge II (yay!).

I had to purchase the Tidal free trial to overcome message "requested quality is not allowed in user’s subscription".

I then tried several songs in MConnect and got message “Asset is not ready for playback” - which apparently means that the agreement between Tidal and the music licenser has expired. So, I cannot play these tracks at all.

I then found tracks that would play in MConnect and from Tidal to my local device, my iPad. I then tried to get these same tracks to play to the BridgeII ‘PlayTo’ device. I selected the track and pressed the ‘play’ icon - the album art and track title refresh, but the music does not start, and the progress bar does not move off ‘00:00’ - Any suggestions?

This app should work. ‎mconnect control on the App Store
It’s the app the folks that developed the Bridge. II made. It’s free and what folks use to stream Tidal if they don’t want to use Roon.

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Hi jamesh,
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am out of town, but will try it when I return. I will report back.

That page harshed my buzz. Sigh.

Just use Roon.