How to post pictures within a post?

How do I post a picture into a post that is not web based? I wanted to post a screenshot from my iPad to a post but cannot figure out how to do it. I have posted things from the internet but that isn’t what I’m wanting to do. Can someone please walk me through it?


On my Mac I see the add attachment tab at the bottom. I was trying to use the add image button. It worked.

Me too. I want to know how to post a .jpg photo within a Reply. When I press the “Insert/Edit Image” icon a box appears and asks for the “Source” The source of the image is a photo file in my computer, but what am I supposed to type in the box? I don’t want to create a link that others can use to get inside my computer (I know that sounds naive, but hopefully you know what I mean). I just want to be able to attach a .jpg photo image to my Reply.

That’s ok. Scary days with people hooking into our computers. But, not to worry.

Click the Attachments button below the post like in the picture. Then drag the photo into the box or click the Add Files button. Once you do this the photo appears inside the window like the second screen shot.

Now, just click Start Upload and it uploads the photos from your computer.

We have no means of getting inside your computer and this is perfectly safe.Screen-Shot-2017-08-04-at-6.42.13-AM.pngScreen-Shot-2017-08-04-at-6.44.22-AM.pngOnce they are uploaded, then click Submit Reply as you normally would and the photos appear in the post and your computer is safe.

The insert/edit image button is for adding pictures already on the Internet to your post. You enter the Internet address of the image in the “source” field and the forum software pulls the image from its location and inserts it into your post.

This is fine and dandy for PC and desktop Mac users, however I cannot drag and drop on my iPad (or at least I don’t know how to). If it is possible someone please explain! Otherwise the ability to bring up a dialogue box in which you can select images from “Photos” on my iPad would be a welcome improvement.

Yes, iPads might be problematic.

Too bad. I chose the iPad over a laptop for use in my basement music room since the iPad is small (even with a keyboard case) and (more importantly) it has built in cell for accessing the internet when away from home. It’s strange how ubiquitous the iPad is yet so may sites have trouble with them. I can go up two floors and use a PC but I do that less and less …

I do not use drag and drop when adding attachments.

Click on Attachments. In the bottom left you will see “Add Files.” Choose this and a pop window shows up which allows you to browse through your directories and choose the file you want to upload.

Thanks, Paul and Elk. I was hung up on the INSERT/EDIT IMAGE icon above the text field and neglected to notice and try the ATTACHMENTS button. I just now tried the ATTACHMENTS button and drag and drop. Works like a charm. Here’s proof:




Elk, thank you! That was not intuitive, but it works!

I’m such a. …


Problem solved!

There is a lot in the forum software which is non-intuitive, but generally we can get it to do what we want.

Now if we only had a Reply button on top of each post before the Quote button . . .