How to remove SACD transport lid

I have a cd stuck inside my PWT SACD transport and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to open the top. I can see videos how to open a PWT (old style) but. . .

Can anyone help?

I notice that there are eight non footer screws on the bottom . . .four black headed ones and four outermost unpainted ones. Not sure which to loosen. And what type of “all thread” screw do I need to pop the top with?

Searching the forum it seems I remove the black headed screws and I need 4-40 all thread, probably 3" or so. . . I assume that is correct.

I assume you have the PST. If so, have you tried this procedure from the owners manual?

Thanks. But somehow I must have shifted the unit enough removing it from the rack that the cd is in the drive in a way that this process doesn’t work. ARGH.

I had the same problem and was able to get the CD out by tilting the whole unit forward and shaking it a bit. When I laid it back down and opened the door, the CD was in the tray. Try it. Might work for you.

Same here!!

Good luck Lonson, hope it works out. Anyone know the cause?

That worked for me the last time. Not now. Shaking it has not been a good thing. . . .

I’ve ordered a smaller headed screwdriver it seems I need. . .and some threaded rod. . . should arrive tomorrow and hopefully I can get the top off. Still not certain which are the screws to remove, the ones nearest the corners by the footers, which are plain metal faced, or the black painted head ones in from those.

Lon, remove two screws per side, screws closest to the rubber feet…
@lonson: Edit. - Not the screws securing the feet but to the side of the feet!!


Thanks! I need that new driver for that. . . will attempt when it arrives.

This is why I probably have 200+ of bits and drivers. I readily admit that there’s some I may never use, but if I need one I have it.

I do not envy our daughter when it’s time for her to clean up after me when I am gone.


The cd drive inside is an enclosed unit so even if you remove the top of the player, you still can’t see or access the stuck CD.

Below are the inside of the PWT and DMP.

For the latest PST, you can see the front section of the tray but the rear section is enclosed.

Good luck.


Thanks. I had the same idea/fear. I may have to send it to Boulder for repair.

A wise move.

Well, today I got back the transport I sent back to PS Audio to have the cd removed from the (sealed) SACD drive. They did not charge me for any repair or shipping back (which was considerable–this is a heavy machine and heavy packaging) and sent me the cd that was stuck inside. (I’ve tossed it, it got stuck twice, and was the only disc that has ever got stuck in this machine). And I’m not certain but I think they gave me a new wood top.

Excellent service, from a great company to do business with. I’ll set it up tomorrow and then. . . I’ll have one to sell that I bought as an interim transport.


Wonderful service.

Good thinking to toss the problematic CD.