PST Issue - Will not eject

I have a new issue with my PST where the unit will not eject the disc. When I try to manually eject the disc the unit will go into “read mode” and then tell me that there is no disc in the unit.

I can get the drawer to open by using the switch underneath the unit and the drive WILL close if I depress the open/close button. The disc will then read and play properly, but after playing the disc the original issue will occur with a failure to eject, followed by a disc read and the message “no disc.”

I have tried powering down the unit from the rear. I am currently running 2.4.4

Thanks in advance for any helpful info!

The best advice I can give is to lean the unit forward (I’d disconnect all cabling) and shake it a bit. This should reseat the disc back in the disc tray and when you open the tray again it may/should be in the tray.

DO NOT tilt the player back as the disc may then recede into the back of the sealed disc mechanism and PS Audio will likely have to retrieve it for you by contacting the service department and sending it back. That happened to me, the cd was unable to be removed and I sent it back to Boulder. It was a wonderful service experience, and there was no charge, the service department got it back to me with a two week total time away from my system.

Good luck! I was so distressed I bought another PST and used it until mine returned–I need my PST every day! :wink:

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Sorry to hear about your PST!

Unfortunately, my issue doesn’t seem to be caused by a stuck disc. Whether the tray is empty or there is a disc in the machine, the door won’t eject without reaching under the unit to engage the lever. Once open, it WILL close using the open/close button. Seems like this might be a unique issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m glad you can remove the disc. I had the same behavior before I gave up and sent back the transport except the disc would not come out. I could get the tray to return and the disc would read, and play, but when I got the tray to open, the disc would remain inside. I could not get it out. At least it appears you can remove the disc. I would contact PS Audio directly tomorrow for some advice.

when mine acts up, I find unplugging it overnight is better than shutting it off…actually find this true with other company’s digital gear too…maybe just a full reboot will fix it - it did mine

When my new PST & DSD MKII arrived in Scotland (middle of July) straight from HQ the Draw wouldn’t open! I stripped down the mechanism to discover that someone had left a test disk in the player!! During transportation said disk had imbedded itself within the mech… Yet another why always me moment !!!



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Hey there,

Where are you located at? I’ll get you to who you need to talk to! It sounds like the unit may need service.


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I’m in CT :cry:

Just sent you an email. I’m guessing it’s a simple one and just needs a new drive. This doesn’t sound like a SW bug to me.