How To Run DSJ With YBA Integrated Amp (or any integrated amp)?


I’m going to pull out my 20 year old YBA integrated amp, just for kicks. The amp’s remote no longer works, thus it would be nice to control volume on the DSJ. How do I arrange having two components that control volume? Where do I set the YBA integrated’s volume to best interact with me controlling volume on the DSJ?

@Schroedster, anyone?

Thanks from Maui :innocent:

I have a DSJ too. My preamp has a motorized volume control which makes it difficult to dial in the correct volume from the remote.

So, I am adjusting the volume from my DSJ to get it dialed in to the volume that I desire. I set the volume on the DSJ to 85 and then adjust the volume on the preamp to the volume I want when I first play music. Then, I can adjust the DSJ volume up or down to suit my needs.

Setting it to 85 gives enough room to raise the volume if need be.

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Currently set at 95 here to my McIntosh MA-6600 integrated. I’ve chosen the ‘L’ gain option and leave it on 95 though still able to go up to 106 if necessary.

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