How to transfer my spotify music playlist from spotify to apple

Dear, I want to shift all my music playlist from Spotify platform to Apple platform, please help me about that. is that (deleted spam) is working?

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Do you mind if I ask why you’re switching to Apple Music? I’m looking at picking a streaming option. I’d go with Apple (being firmly in the Apple universe); however, you can’t seed a playlist (radio station) from multiple artists. In Spotify, that’s easy to accomplish. In fact, they have a separate radio app that allows you to seed a playlist from 15 different artists. For me, this is the kind of feature I want out of a streaming service. Thanks!!

Actually I have been facing some problems with spotify, however I see its again.

I use Soundiiz - works very well.

yes its also very good

I also use soundiiz and agree that it works well.

Or, do as others have suggested and use the wonderful Soundiiz tool. It is incredibly simple to use, and effective. Converting from one platform to another is a breeze… not matter the source, or destination service.

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