What are you listening to on Spotify?

NPR New music Friday

So thankful I kept Apple TV 3 for its optical out

A Bob Ross fan, I love it. Pretty little trees …

Would you (or anyone else reading this) by chance be using Spotify through MControl/MConnect? I downloaded the free Spotify app a while ago and thought it was working, but didn’t use if for several months. Now, when I try to send if to the Bridge via MControl it only plays on my iPad. I’m hoping the new Bridge software corrects this, but not at home right now to update the Bridge.

I’m not, I have Spotify app on my iPad then I send audio via AirPlay to Apple TV 3 optical to DS>BHK Pre>M700>ATC speakers

Free version so I get commercials once in a while but I don’t mind for the new music discovery ability - and not enough to pay to have them removed

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