Hoping someone has had experience with the Humminguru…
Where and how did the purchase process work out?

I’ve been using it for the last 4-5 months with excellent results. The purchasing process was as simple as it gets. Placed the order and got it delivered to my front door within a week.

Did you order direct from China or use Amazon?

I bought from the HumminGuru website, so from China (although I thought it said Taiwan, but I didn’t really pay attention).

I have mine since it 1st came out, about 2 years now. No issues at all and it does a great job. I also ordered from their website with no issues as well.

Great…I’ll get on it.


I’ve been using one for a couple of weeks, they now have distributors in most countries so no need to buy direct. Distributors are listed on their site.

It’s surpassed my expectations for the price.

Does it seem durable enough to process a large collection?

So long as you’re doing it in batches of 10 or so and not 100

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Agreed! +1

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I was a part of the crowdfunding, so I received an early model. I have not had any problems. I bought the adapters for 45s and 10” records.

There is a noticeable improvement in all areas, soundstage, detail, highs sound purer, lows and vocals sound more present.

I’ve cleaned no more than 3-5 records at a time, so I would agree that doing it in batches is a good idea, to avoid overheating.

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Cleaner records will always sound noticeably better, my question is whether this type of cleaning is as effective as the tried and true vacuum cleaning that I have done for many many years. Reviews I have seen sound mixed.

I think it’s more intended for those for whom any kind of contact with the record is not wanted. Although a lot of forum members on other sites with units like the Okki Nokki and VPI have kept them for the drying stage, but prefer the HummingGuru for cleaning. For me, I’ve found the drying stage on the HG to be perfectly adequate.


I kept my VPI Typhoon and use it for used records that are extremely dirty and then run it through the HumminGuru.

Yes, the HummingGuru does an adequate job drying the records. Well worth its price IMHO.


Good to know, thanks. Some of the reviewers have stated that they like to do a vacuum clean in addition to.

Many years ago I went through my entire collection using the Disc Doctor Miracle Cleaner solution and brushes, and then a VPI vacuum. Lot of work but really did the complete job. Duane Goldman designed the solution and the brushes to clean both the vinyl and shellac at the same time. I have found his claims that once cleaned in this way that they would never need to be cleaned again, other than surface dusting, to be true. HummingGuru obviously requires much less work, but have you found that records needed to be recleaned after some time?

I was an early purchaser of the HG when it was just a Kickstarter project. I have cleaned a couple hundred records with it and I highly recommend it. I had a VPI RCM for 15 years prior to that and sold it after using the HG.


I have vacuum-bias for sure. If I were to use this, or even the higher end degritter, I would still not feel the job is complete without running it through a vacuum at the end. I don’t think anything equals a vacuum for removing most of the deposits out of the grooves.

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I too follow-up ultrasonic cleaning with a distilled water rinse on a VPI 16.5.

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I think my process would be to skip the drying cycle altogether on the guru and go directly to the vacuum as a final step. Once the guru dries the record, the debris still left in the grooves would be harder to vacuum out. Your process of using distilled water in the vacuum step would definitely help. I don’t see the point of using the drying cycle in the guru if you are to vacuum after, but maybe it does more than I think it does in this drying cycle?