DARPA didn’t take into account the potential for a p*ss poor signal to noise ratio.

Pronouncing the longest words in English


We should add those words to this game…


Buyer paid the building company AU$700k, and got this!


Half price?

Aryal, a father of two, purchased the land in Edmondson Park, Sydney on the back of 10 years of savings. The home was initially supposed to be a free-standing dwelling, but at some point during the process was changed to a literal half house. Like, that’s not a duplex, is it. That’s just a plex. One plex, by itself, waiting for the other bit to make it du.
Full story:
An off-the-plan house horror story has left a man with half a home (

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just waiting for the next DSD firmware…

Isn’t that With You AND Without You?

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Norwegian Blue :wink:

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There’s a bitter divorce angle story in there somewhere…

That’s where Russell lives.

Edit. Now that you bring that up, the whole things becomes less than great for Bono.

  1. If we consider OR as a logical conjunction, with OR without is true if any or both of {with, without} is true. One of the two must always be true as it’s really a binary statement. Therefore, Bono can’t live no matter what.
  2. If we consider OR an exclusive OR, that means Bono also can’t live if any of {with, without} is true but not both of them and if not both of them is false. As both of them can’t be at any time true and both of them can’t be at any time false, one of the two but not both must always be true. Therefore, with XOR without is equivalent of with OR without and is always true.

Poor Bono! Should have studied a bit of logic before writing lyrics.



62 years ago; only the equipment has changed.


And we continue to enjoy the many wonderful recordings made during this era.

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Blue Note Tone Poet stuff made by Rudy van Gelder for one.

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A time, especially in classical music, when a recording was regarded as an event & all involved took the time, devoted all resources & made the every reasonable effort to make it as good as possible. Pride in what they were doing, not just getting product to market.

While there are exceptions, most recording and mastering engineers, and musicians, continue in this tradition.

Yes, Bis, Channel Classics & Linn are 3 examples that come readily to mind.

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