Art near your gear

I got some original John Waters plates to looker’s left. I love them so. Series of 300. Mine are in the 100s. Here’s a pic of my “Girls”, purchased from the MCA here in Denver maybe 10 years ago. Buy from living artists!


Does this count?

My wife drew this and gave it to me for Christmas last year.


Does this count (how much near do you mean?)

300 kms from rack - Florence Rinascimento

200 kms from rack - Venice XIII Century

Pretty outside the window of listening room - my little Bergamo Medieval


I only collect all weather art, the kind that is safe for under my car. Or on the patio.
Elvis Crying, Sad Clowns, Sad Bulls, Sad Clowns stabbing Sad Bulls. That sort of thing.
I can’t be the only one.


I have been a fan of Gustav Klimt for a very long time – since the early 1970s, actually. The 1st painting sits to my left as I face the stereo and is about 20" square. I know it’s been done to death but it still has sentimental value to me.

The Kiss (oil on canvas reproduction)

This one sits to my right and was a gift from my ex-wife on our 20th anniversary in 1994. It measures about 2’ by 3’ 6"

Portrait of Emilie Louise Flöge (lithograph)




LP Huntress did this of Zappa


The Neue Galerie in NYC has had a few Klimt exhibitions in the past decade. I attended one years ago. Viewing those pieces up close and personal is an experience one doesn’t forget.


I can only imagine. Never had the opportunity myself.

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Above the fireplace in my living room – and between the KLH Model 5’s – is a painting by Hiroshi Tagami, who was from Hawaii. We used to visit him on trips there back in the day, and my dad knew him pretty well – he’d usually buy something on every visit. I have stuff of his dating back to the late 60’s. This one is from 1978.



First to post some artwork of Tom I think. Love this unique piece.


A photo of Sonny Stitt from 1953.


Lithos by two associated British artists, Henry Moore and Lynn Chadwick.

Several ceramic pieces by a lady called Patricia Shone, whose studio is on the Isle of Skye, and a piece of glass by a lady whose name I forget.


A couple of pastels by our good friend Claire Halliday (
Excuse the poor pics please :slight_smile:

The lake and mountains pic is one of her finest imho, though she claims her oils are better…

We have several of hers, but these are my favourites.

Edit - Just had a look and the website is out of date, I must hassle her to get some of her work from the last decade up there!


My “music room” is a panoply of items which can also be aptly described as organized chaos. Everything has a story.

This is my favorite of all the “works of art” that I own. I purchased this in Aug. of 1984 from an older gentleman making ends meet selling street art outside of Moscow. It’s a small piece, oils on pressboard in which you can see the broken bits of brush liberally scattered throughout. I had it framed decades ago, but as you can see, it has suffered from many misgivings over the years.

My best friend was a calligrapher who did amazing works, both Medieval and modern. This very minimalistic piece he hung in his office as a sampler for clients to view.

I was gifted this watercolor and oil pastel by another friend. My apartment is very monochromatic and this piece brings much needed color and energy to it.


Nice print, but isn’t it highly reflective with the glass? I’ve been hesitant to hang any photos or artwork in my listening room for that reason.

What I didn’t show was one of my bookcases which acts as a fantastic absorber/diffuser. This is a major reason for the “organized chaos” description. This is only one of five bookcases. ( Yes, I have a problem…I admit it)


I got one of those :smiley:

Great for diffusion, and lots of stuff to look at too!

Edit - the sword is a plastic “sword of Gryffindor”
Edit 2 sneaky corner of Raspberry Pi 4B LMS server in the bottom right

Edit 3 - the sink/toilet plunger is UNUSED, but very useful for spontaneous Dalek impressions…


“Understanding Cats” - Lol :slight_smile: