Hypothetical:How would the FR20 and FR30 speakers fair in a decent sized Earthquake

Hopefully, this is a hypothetical question and never comes to pass, but for those living on the West Coast earthquakes are an ever-present possibility.
How top heavy are these heavy speakers…has anyone somehow mounted them or secured them so that if there was a decent size earthquake that they would not fall over.
Yes, I am NOT bringing this up to coax the Earthquake gods…just asking…


Interesting question. My FR20’s are heavy. Am not certain where the center of gravity is in relation to the bottom of the speakers, but they do not seem to be top heavy. I assume that something like the larger of the GAIA series speaker feet might be best for absorbing vibrations, though they would raise the center of gravity compared to having no feet at all (my speakers are on floor mats).
I don’t have an answer.

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The only logical precaution is to build a three foot diameter, three foot thick, three foot tall stack of Playdoh around each speaker. Only then should you rest. But which color Playdoh would be best?

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I am so glad I consulted here, its obvious you have given this some great thought. And, you have come up with a great solution utilizing the tools you likely use on a daily basis as part of your therapy. Thank you for sharing. You are indeed an asset here at the PS Audio forum. : )


My speakers look like this:

I am not moving to California, no sir E Bob!


Something for @dchang05 to try :wink:

Al’s speakers remind me of a female singer from “The 5th Element” movie.

My speakers are 7’ tall, and I bought them after the last big earthquak in Bay Area. The designer told me don’t worry. Because when a 8.0 hits the speakers will fall along with my house anyway😆


Have you inquired whether your homeowner’s insurance/earthquake rider would cover such an event?

In “rocking” California, separate earthquake coverage has a VERY high deductible. The house would have to be pretty damaged before the insurance would kick in . I am pretty sure PS Audio will not be repairing external damage to the FR’s. Then, of course there is Bondo and spray paint should they be needed

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If a major earthquake hit, and we live on a fault line I will be more worried about my whiskey collection.


I hope the IsoAcoustics Gaia’ help. :grimacing:


Nice aesthetic.



Guy-wires and a crash helmet might ruin the look?

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Perhaps Paul can lend some guidance…Paul ?

I am afraid I don’t understand why you are asking and can’t help but think you may not be serious.

The speakers are stable for normal use. They will be no more able to keep from toppling over during a decent strength earthquake than anything else you own that stands over three feet tall.

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What other $20k to $30k item do you own which you have no issue with if it topples over?

In an earthquake…?!

That’s what raises my eyebrow, so to speak.

No offense intended.

Asking if these are top heavy or unstable is perfectly reasonable, given their appearance in certain pictures.

Asking Paul whether they will stay upright during an earthquake (that’s how I understood your request of him) just struck me as odd. That’s all.

I don’t recall any owners noting any inherent instability or “top heaviness”. (I don’t own any speakers in the FR line.)

Hopefully, some owners will chime in here.



They simply look unstable but they are not. There is a standard test where you have to not be able to topple them with X amount of force and the FR30 and FR20 easily pass it.


Paul, the question is not (as one post above indicates) will it stand up in an earthquake. Obviously the intensity of the earthquake is issue.
I was wondering if any of your FR owners had suggestions to somehow “enhance” its ability to hold up in a moderate tumbler. I guess the only answer for something this tall and heavy would be aesthetically unacceptable…

Instead of the spikes, screw the speaker into the floor.

Not appealing in any way, but highly effective.