P15 Question.....Do I need this anymore?

Have recently sold my mono blocks and pre amp.
Now I just have an integrated Amp.
It’s the only thing I have plugged into the P15.

I don’t hear any difference when amp plugged into the wall vs. The P15.

Why do I need the P15 now? Seemed more useful with multiple components plugged into it.

Before I do something may regret later…should I just sell it or hang onto it.

Possibly a question I could answer on my own but we all are just talking here right?



Keep don’t sell you might regret it…if for anything…it serves as surge protection as
well besides regenerating power.

Typical surge supressors do limit and interfere with our gear…where as
the P15 doesn’t.

Best wishes on your journey

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True on the surge protection
Thank you

And I thought the get Master Fuse would have been somewhere in your reply? Seems your softening on it’s miracle. Lol

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Hey Vmax…

Didn’t dawn on me to mention it…

No not changing views on the SR Master fuse

Best wishes

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You are the fuse evangelist for that. Someday I will try just one only because of you of course. I know our systems blend into the wallpaper of our sound scape such that we forget how we got there and our paradigm shifts , until we pull those magical tweaks. Then nothing sounds right.


Wow what a promotion to fuse evengelist, then similarily
Vmax you are the tweak evangelist par excellence…

Just thinking (imagine that) if you forget how you got
to the long sought after sound…the best then is don’t
remove your tweaks without roadmapping as you detweak

Tweaky the tweaker specialist :grin:

Best wishes

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Yeah, it’s time to sell. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe consider auditioning one of the four levels of the Audience aR2p power conditioner for surge suppression.

thank you for this suggestion. I had never heard of this product