I, for one, listen to you, Paul!


After reading your “Standing on the periphery” daily post, I just wanted to let you know that I am an exception to your statement: “When I think about the number of times I have actually swayed someone from one way of thinking to another I come up with a big fat goose egg.”

You’ve changed my mind/perspective more than once, and it’s always resulted in the betterment of my musical system and has helped grow my knowledge-base in high-end audio. This in return has brought me more enjoyment from my system and more enjoyment from the hobby in general. I’d like to think I speak for some others around here who are also an exception!

So, keep up the awesome work, and thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to provide so much helpful and interesting information to the audiophile world. The education has been awesome and genuinely appreciated. You’ve definitely help lend this amateur audiophile and music lover a “helping hand.”

Colorado Springs, CO

PS - My kids got a kick out of watching you respond to my question recently on “what makes a system musical.” Now I have my nine-year-old son hooked on watching some of the videos! An audiophile in the making…


My wife often says, from the other room, ‘is that Paul (again)?’


Thanks, Doug. That means a lot. I guess maybe there’s some change happening but would it be fair to suggest you were ready for change at that moment? I guess that’s what it seems like to me that those ready and open for change, on the periphery of an entrenched stance, have the opportunity for change.

But, whatever the case, I am delighted to have helped along the way. Give your 9 year old a squeeze for me.

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Following on from today’s Paul’s Post…sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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oops, my bad, I should have posted the stereo version…

Good enough for HM Queen Elizabeth II, good enough for me. Bet she doesn’t have one of those disc spinners 'tho.


The stereo version is funny!

Thanks…I’m just a very happy chappy at the moment…look, Santa deliver early Christmas present, and it’s also the stereo version…


Appearance is a tad lacklustre and utilitarian… I do hope they sound better than they look in the photo :wink:

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The M3 is out of my league but I’ve seriously considered the A3.

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Good luck if you can get a pair of A3, I think the wait is about 6 months.

Not surprised. For Magico, they are priced reasonably.

I heard a pair of M3s in London on one of my trips to visit my sister … Really impressive, and that was just going by their performance in a dealership… Did you have to wait on them being built to order. When I buy new Shahinian Diapasons I had to wait over 8 months…!

No wait on M3, available ex stock…but that situation can change, I’ve heard of others waiting a few months for theirs. When I ordered S3 a few years ago I had to wait about 3 months for those to be built-to-order (M3 is my 3rd pair of Magico speakers, I like what they do).

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Great stuff. Great Christmas present.!
If you get a formula that works for you stick with it because that’s what counts. I’ve used omnidirectional for nigh on 25 years, not to everyone’s tastes but, like you with the Magico speakers, Shahinian is my favourite loudspeakers…
I have dabbled with other types of speaker but inevitably I end up back with my favourite make of loudspeaker. Great fun when another new toy arrives. Why not, we can’t take it with us when we go !!

Brodric, as I see the Halcro preamp in your picture…do you like it and did you compare it?

I had it at home and could have bought it for quite small money, but I couldn’t get any life out of it. It sounded very refined and transparent, but very uninvolving here. Couldn’t believe it, so big was the difference, so that I thought I might have to do it again, but there was no fault in the setup.

Paul, I think it would be fair to say that, but without you being intentional and willing to take your time to share all that you have (and continue to), I never would have had the opportunity to learn as I specifically have.

It’s a blessing to have individuals like yourself who take the time to share their wisdom and experience with others - to give back and leave a legacy.

I certainly agree and believe people need to not have hardened hearts as it were and to be open to the possibility of changing their viewpoint. Though, sadly, many seem content to be set in their ways, unwilling to listen to the possibility that they may be incorrect, misinformed, or just flat-out ignorant :slight_smile: I’ve been all three before at one point or another! The more I live the less I’d like to fall into any one of these traps.

I’ll give Isaiah a hug for ya! Sometime he and I will have to visit PS Audio from the Springs. We both would get a kick out of it. And thanks for the culinary (salt) recommendation!

Congratulations! You know you’re into serious speaker territory when they get delivered in wooden-boxed crates! :wink:

Yes, I like the pre-amp very much. I’ve owned the full set of Halcro power amps over the years (dm38/78/88) and I’ve had the Halcro pre with all of them. No, I didn’t compare it with anything else, it’s the only pre-amp I’ve owned, and probably the only pre-amp I’ll own. Unless they build another one (and I don’t think they are, although they are working on new power amps).

[Side note: The owner of the Halcro brand is also the distributor of PS Audio in Australia].

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Thanks, and I appreciate your kind comments. It’s a privilege and an honor to be among this group of people.

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