I know the answer is likely "no," but

@tedsmith , is it at all possible to make ONE MORE firmware update? Not to change the intrinsic operation of the Sunlight itself, but to add an option where de-emphasis can be manually turned off (for i2s) via a menu option?

I know the pre-emphasis flag is carried on pin 15, so an option would be to cover the pin, but just wanted to put the question out there.

As an aside, what does the DS Sr. do with the i2c SCL (clock) and SDA (data) that comes across pins 15 and 16?

This would be a question for PS Audio, the control/display processor decides whether the FPGA does deemphasis. So it wouldn’t require changing the FPGA. On the other hand, at this point it’s actually harder to change the display processor code. The tools are no longer supported, they aren’t installed on any PS Audio programmer’s system, so just compiling the change would take significant time away from other projects, let alone testing…

Figured so, just had to ask…thanks!

I like the idea but at this point I’d be willing to bet quite a bit that Paul and Barry don’t want to pull folks away from new product dev.

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