I Like vTuner Internet Radio in the mconnect app, but * * *

. . . the stations I store as vTuner “Favorites” keep disappearing, while random stations I did not select show up in my Favorites folder as well as in my “Recent” folder.

Anyone else experience this type of bizarre vTuner station merry-go-round? I am beginning to wonder if my vTuner has been hacked, although I do not recall creating a vTuner account.


I recognize the OP is 9 months old, but wtf: Yes. I have the same problem with VTuner. I save stations only to return and find my choices gone and random stations listed in the favorites. I’ve search the internet, but haven’t found a solution. What a pita.

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Can’t say I have been having that problem, but I have been having another problem. I have been using vTuner for a while but the last few months, more often than not, I get an error when I try to play a stream. Shutting the app down and restarting usually does nothing. I have kept it updated so that shouldn’t be an issue. The problem may have started when I updated the Bridge, but I’m not certain the problem started at the same time as the update. I’ve also had issues with JRiver, so it may be a Bridge/network issue.