DSJr loading multiple copies of mconnect

I installed v3.6.2 on my DSJr before the upgrade was yanked. All seemed fine until a couple weeks ago I was streaming Spotify through my DSJr Bridge when a message briefly flashed across my Android tablet that Chromecast had been discovered and would I like it to play the current file. Before I could reply my AVR switched to it’s DTS Playfi channel and DSJr lost control over the Spotify playback. But even after closing the Playfi app the file continued to play until I finally turned the AVR’s power off.
Now when I load Mconnect control the initial splash screen stutters then loads a 2nd time and the Android tablet fails to control playback of both Tidal and Spotify files. Also Tidal loads in Bridge II without the app being present on the Tablet. I can run Mconnect control no problem on the DSJr with an older Android tablet.
Seems like it’s time to factory reset the newer tablet.
After factory resetting the Huawei tablet and loading Yale then back to Redcloud mconnect remains hosed and the bridge II firmware stuck on 3.6.2.
For now I’m trying BubbleUpPnp to play Tidal and am very pleased with the SQ. Upon loading BubbleUpPnp warned that the Huawei’s aggressive battery saver settings should be turned off so we’ll see how it goes.

Did you try wiping Mconnect from the tablet and re-loading it again from the Google store? Once you wipe it off turn the tablet off and restart it before downloading again to make sure it is gone.

Thanks. Yes I have. I’ve tried uninstalling both from the tablet’s settings and also from the Google store then powering down. Just in case I’ve removed Spotify from the tablet and only run it through my ps4 to sandbox it.
Can’t help being impressed how persistent mconnect is…