I need urgent but objective advice

I own an Ayre VX-5 Twenty. The rest of my stack is (with the exception of my Aurender) ps audio gear. I have a chance to buy two PS Audio BHK monoblocks. Does anyone here have experience with Ayre and PS Audio?

The BHK 300 have a different shape to the other components anyway.

But if you have 5 cubic ft available in your rack and think the Ayre is poor quality compared to the PS Audio BHK’s, and think that more channel separation is going to make the system sound a world better?

Has the Ayre ever let you down?

If not: never touch a running system.

The nuance that you might hear, nobody will be able to tell you because nobody owns the same room, speakers, cables and probably even the same sources to report to you a comparison that is representative for your situation.

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Ayre VX-5 Twenty has the flattest frequency response ever, with below average damping factor, which must be there for a reason I do not understand. Also, check the distortion curve and compare with the likes of Parasound JC5 or even Hegel H20 which has been on the market for more than a decade.
SoundStageNetwork.com | SoundStage.com - BHK Labs Measurements: Ayre Acoustics VX-5 Stereo Amplifier
But hearing is believing. I would listen and compare. VX-5 is a serious piece of gear built with a specific philosophy.

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Are you unhappy with the sound of your system?
You. need to be objective about any potential change.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Is there something about your Ayre VX 5 you which causes
you to think about getting the BHK ?

Sometimes a change in the “air” of things… oops Ayre :smiley:

And we all go through the change-itis

Best wishes in your audio journey!!

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I had an Ayre AX-7e and an Ayre V-3 with Ayre Conditioning. Still miss the AX-7e.

More recently had and then sold BHK 300s. They are magnificent! Similar in musicality to Ayre amps. Great highs too without ever being aggressive. Highly recommended!!!

I’ve heard the Ayre VX-5 Twenty vs. a Pass XA60.5’s. A bit unfair maybe comparing to a pair of mono blocks…

Here’s my feedback… Although nice, the Ayre never really felt like they gripped and locked in the low end. It always felt a bit loose and undefined. Not unnatural, but a bit “sloppy”. The Pass on the other hand sounded much more defined and better integrated low end.

On the high end, the Ayre was maybe a touch better, but it felt a bit source material dependent. The Ayre amp was, well airy. (and no pun intended)

Thanks for the reality check. To be honest with you all, I don’t have any problems with the Ayre. My question was motivated by greed.It’s so rare to see the PS Audio mono blocks up for sale and I wondered . . .

audiojan, I don’t have low end issues. The low end was good and it got better when I added the SHD Studio with Dirac and when I added my new REL 212SX.

Thanks again - I think that I will sit tight.