I registered my P12 but Powerplay says nothing registered?

I received my P12 on September 24th and registered it on the 30th but still nothing shows as registered under powerplay? Does this just take activation from someone at PS Audio?

No worries just mainly curious. My evaluation trial has been setback by issues with my ML Classic ESL’s but initial thoughts are, there’s something happening here!!!

No, not usually. However, @jamesh has helped with a few cases where PowerPlay did not show a registered device.

Out of curiosity, I just checked mine. It shows a power cable that I bought in '18 but not the Stellar P3 or Direct Stream DAC that I had also purchased from the PS Audio website. I know I registered both of those products. :man_shrugging:

I’ll get with the web team to make sure it’s all good. You should see it pop up on PP in the next day or two.


They got on it quick and it should be showing up properly now.


Please have them update mine too, James. :grin:

No prob Vac, they should both be in there now.


They absolutely are, James!

As always, thanks for being there for us.

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Yep I see it now, thank you very much!

On a side note I was gifted the PS 9000 and I did all the registration but shows no where I use the globalnet to log into account so I can do setting online…Is there a new link?.

Welcome Ducati, sadly when we updated the PowerPlay site in the last year, the PP 9000’s hardware no longer supports PowerPlay. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Damn…its a great unit.

Welcome, @ducati0000 ! I am sorry for the news.

(I have three Ducatis. :slight_smile: )


Me one 1999 Monster dark.

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Wondering my front touchscreen stop working.I tried reset button but it didnt do anything.everything is working though…Any ideas whats causing this?

I suggest powering down and unplugging the unit for an hour or so. Often this type of full reboot helps.

Elk dont you ever sleep?..What does the reset button do on the back where you need a pen to push it?.I unplug it and see what happens.

The button that’s labeled as reset is the circuit breaker in the back. That won’t actually reset anything. rebooting it with the rear power switch may help.

It’s Elk season up here, and in Colorado too I assume. He’s gotta stay extra vigilant!

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