% in the world - income and wealth

Interesting relative wealth across the globe. I suspect ALL of us with wealth enough to support this habit are in the top 1% worldwide or not far out. See where your income or net worth ‘rank’. Be happy.

Source: https://www.personalcapital.com/blog/family-life/americas-rich-wasting-financial-potential/


I just made it into the top 20%, but it is income based, and I have a skillful accountant!


Top .07%. Very surprised…
(as i don’t think my income is anywhere near such levels.)

I used my net household income and got a surprise. Net worth might have been a better gauge. Some years we pay ourselves less which means our net worth increased as the money stayed in our companies.

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2.5 years ago when I was still able to work, I was apparently in the top .7%. That’s mind boggling given that I didn’t have money for luxury items (unless you consider an iMac a luxury item). I was driving a 10 year old Civic (now 13) and living in a not particularly big or fancy house. I can tell you this much - given what the average household income is in the US, this country is royally screwed. But hey, we gotta take care of the 0.1%…

Perhaps “trickle down” should have been named “p!ssed on”.

Unfortunately their numbers for the world rank it gives for income (the numbered position rank as opposed to percentile) are clearly way off… And therefore the percentiles must be off :pensive:

That’s unfortunate as this is a very worth while exercise, and the correct numbers would still be eye opening for a lot of people.

If I get time today I might try to take a look at their methods if I can do so without too much hassle.

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Right. Income vs. net worth. Those of us fortunate to own a house, even with a mortgage, have seen our net worth go way up in recent years.

I don’t know how to see where I’m at. I don’t make as much as I would like to but. I follow being debt free so it feels like I have more to spend. I sure worked hard at my net worth over the last 12 years. I paid my house off and am debt free. It’s a great feeling to get up with no debt.