More money than brains?

I could not even bring myself to buy this. I actually do enjoy something like this. This is absurd however. I will write another large check to help covid victims instead. To each wealthy person their own but I feel this is wasteful. Please do have a look. I feel that most people will be as taken aback. For some reason I can justify A six figure stereo component, but this?

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I figure either no one replies to this post or there is universal disgust.


Why don’t you sign up to be a sponsor of my race car? I need a tire sponsor still…


Yep, that’s obscene.
Kinda like the smartphones you can buy that are gold and diamond encrusted.
In fact anything encrusted in diamond except e.g. industrial things that need to be hard, or anything plated in gold, apart from electronic stuff that needs a reliable connection, is, to me, a stupid waste of a useful resource.
It’s a real shame they are ascribed arbitrary value, when they could be much more widely applied in science and engineering if they weren’t artificially controlled and maintained.
…and yeah, I have a house needs paying for and no health to do a job.
Everyone has their own levels and their own issues, and excess of cash (or giant houses and the like) is no guarantee of happiness, unless they can be used to their maximum use (see comment re. gold and diamond) so a giant house could home a lot of people with no home, and pots of cash could pay for a lot of tyres to try and excel in going very fast (perfectly valid for Mr. Racer here :slight_smile: ).

…I’m sleep typing here having just woken up.

As you were folks, my filters will kick in soon :slight_smile:

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What gives you the impression you’ve woken up… :slightly_smiling_face: ‘same drivel’! :grinning:


yep, “same as it ever was” :slight_smile:
must listen to some talking heads today, but later, doc changed my medication yesterday so i may be weird for a few more hours, might be safest to go back to bed.
Mr. 2Chan4ever - i agree, cheques for covid relief, or expensive DACs, or some tyres for Mr. Racer here seem a much better idea - sharp knives are dangerous - i won’t have ‘em in our kitchen :slight_smile:


Disagree completely here. Every couple of months I take our kitchen knives, all 20+ of them, and subject them to a sharpening process which starts with a bench rotary sharpener, and proceeds through manual efforts with two grades of diamond whetstone. It takes hours, but sharp knives are a pleasure to use. I chop a LOT of vegetables.


For the record I said I thought that this item was absurd. I do not see the value in it. this surely will not appreciate. This is not an investment. This is simply wasting a lot of money for no good reason. No doubt they will sell them all to people that have “more money than brains”. The Diamonds are probably worth more loose. I would not purchase this.

As for sharp knives, they are actually less dangerous than dull ones. If used properly of course. We chop a lot of Veggies as well.

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“A dull knife is a stick” - Anonymous


Normal service has been (tentatively) resumed - painkillers can do weird things when my G.P. is somewhat reckless with his suggestion as to how to change dosage.
I agree, a sharp (or well made, or whatever) tool is generally safer and far more useful.
I was, as a child almost pathologically clumsy, so my folks very soon learned to keep all sharp knives out of my reach, so I still tend to avoid them.
My wife does, however, have some decent knives, and uses them skillfully (on vegetables and the like).

I’m less clumsy now, as long as I stop and think before using knives, tools, etc.

Wow…so much $$ for a knife…?

Imagine $100,000 in PS Audio gear …an entire system…
music to my ears…

Paul would love that!!! I think…

Ridiculous. Wait for the matching 150K fork & get the complete set for 275K


You are so right on…If that doesn’t take the cake…

As hard as it is for 99.999% of us to sometimes empathize with the perspective, when it comes to wealth, such things are ultimately, all relative. Meaning…st some point (to some), value, in terms of bang for the buck or worth, becomes irrelevant. If one can truly afford and chooses to purchase a “pretty” $150K knife, I doubt its value proposition is of any concern.

Not that anyone is expressly communicating this perspective, but it would be hypocritical to criticize the purchase of such and item, ne its very existence, and at the same time take umbrage with someone that criticizes the purchase of a $500.00 after market power cable to plug into a $3K power conditioner or regenerator.

My $0.02.

No more absurd than a $10,000 amplifier.

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Only that $10,000 amp could probably sing really well…but a $100,000
knife never will…it’s not a supercar…or a classy boat…or a fine watch…
it is still just an over priced knife or collection of knives…yikes…

My .02 as well

If anyone feels a need to spend some cash… I’m sure your local food bank would be more than happy to take some off your hands.Certainly a great way to help those in need in these trying times…


Hannibal Lechter may chose that knife for his brains. :smile:

However, the maker, owner should beware, they may not live to collect.

I see a sequel in the making.


Maybe one day in the long distant future those knives any acquire
collector value…about it… though

For sure they are no Buck knives…

To each his own I suppose.
My family and friends think I am out of my gourd paying thousands for 5-10 grams worth of moving coil cartridge.
Who am I to be taken aback?


This is exactly my point! It has no worth! It is a complete waste! I can actually easily buy it but I would never do so! I will give that money to charity! A super car or Amplifier gives you great pleasure and when you are done can still sell for a lot. I promise you lose your shirt on that knife. Pawn shop will give you 50 bucks when you are finally tired of it in 10 years. A super car or nice amp may in fact have appreciated!

I am actually into making money. Not losing it. Except in the case of helping others of course. That knife is an outright losing proposition. The reason I know this is from knife collecting history. Collectors do not yearn for Diamond studded knives. They wish for storied makers. This maker has no history whatsoever. This knife shall rapidly depreciate.

Perhaps people buy it and do not care. That is up to them. I am just saying, I personally do not lose a 150 grand.

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