Incorrect Usernames

Since migration to the new forum software, there have been several posts about users showing the wrong username. In my experience, this can happen when migrating from one database to another where usernames are associated with an internal ID number, and the data migration into the new database matches up by that ID number rather than the username.

Example: Old database user has username Frank with ID number 123 and new database has ID number 123 as Alice. After the migration, user Frank shows up as Alice.

If this is the case, there should be a procedure available to re-sync the username data to get the correct usernames for everyone rather than fixing them one at a time as they are found.

Agreed. We’ll keep working on it.

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Would appreciate it if the username issue got top priority as I don’t care for my proper full name appearing in any internet forum.

Let me know what you would like and I will fix it. For the moment, you are now Ray.

I was previously RayK, having posted often under that username. It would be good to have my username set back to this.

PS: I see I’m Ray now. Hey that works too.

And now you are back to RayK.

The world is slowly moving back to its proper orbit.

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Yes, I was and would like to go back to RonP instead of my full name. Please correct. Thanks RonP


Thanks. Much appreciated!

Could I please go back to being Mike not my email address.

All set.


Always happy to help!

Please restore my user name to stax as it is currently set to my real name.


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Thank you.

Since today I am participating on the PS Audio forums.
My username is “huub_maastricht” but in my postings a username “wdysun” shows up.
Wdysun is a user of the forums too, but it’s not me . . . .

In some way our names have been mixed up.
Could you fix this please?
Thanks in advance!


And welcome!

My user name changed some time ago. Not sure why but I have just gone with it.