User Name not correct

My user name is listed as jegehrke1 and should be magicknow. I had this issue before and it cleared by resaving the profile.

This doesn’t work now. I tried changing my username to magicknow and it saysit is already taken. The Welcome banner in the top right shows the correct username

How do I fix this?


How do we really know that you’re Magicknow?? Hmmm…

Go to My PS/Preferences. Click the drop down arrow in the box where you see your screen name. You should see magic know again. Click it and then click update at the bottom.

EDIT: jegehrke1 is catchy, you should consider keeping it, I mean, it’s not stupid like jegehrke2!114_gif

All fixed up.

Paul, this still seems to be screwed up. My user name, willcycle, shows up properly in the upper right corner of my screen when logged in (Welcome, willcycle), however, the system calls me oxbow. I tried changing it and it says willcycle is taken.



Sorry Will, it is screwed up. Can you do me a favor? Go to My PS in the top menu of the website and go to your profile. There you will see that your user name is correct. Refresh the profile page and see if that fixes it. Please let me know.

It looks like what happened is the display names didn’t connect with the login names when the database for the forums was moved. We are thinking about just blowing away all the display names, reattaching the login names as display names then let everyone sort out their actual display name. That might eliminate the crossed up display name problem.

I do not see My Profile though I went to Preferences and did as you suggested and it’s straightened out. Thanks Paul.

@Paul McGowan - Curious… I noticed that your old posts show up not as you, but as “SquareRoot”…

Thanks, I was wondering where those went!

@Paul McGowan - Seeing “SquareRoot” instead of your name is kind of strange (especially under Paul’s Posts!)


Thanks guys. I had wondered where they all went. I am trying to see if the IT guy can fix it and switch it over. It does seem that the problems on the forum have been reduced, but obviously not yet eliminated. Appreciate the help.1_gif

@Paul McGowan - It’s great to see that your name issue has been straightened out and that you’re no longer “SquareRoot”.
Has anyone noted that your daily posts are not currently showing up on the forum under

Hey folks,
Sorry to resurrect an old topic but I thought this was the most appropriate place to mention it. My forum id is ‘bz7806’ but I’d like it to be the same as my logon id ‘MikeK’. (In fact, I’d sooner have it as my normal name but let’s just fix one thing at a time. :slightly_smiling_face: )

Is the logon name (or alias?) synchronized with the forum name? If not, can someone tell me how I can make them consistant?
Mike Kitchen


Many thanks mate :+1:

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