Major Login Problems


Within a 24 hour period I’ve now done this twice. The system does not let me login stating the username or password is wrong which I KNOW it is not.

I enter my email for a password reset.

After which I login successfully but my display name gets changed to jschuch

I change to Mr.Sneis

Wait 24 hours and repeat from above…

Doesn’t make any lick of sense.


Welcome to the forum, MrSneis! Dan Beil will get this all sorted out as soon as he gets over his throbbing headache from this website change.

If you don’t know Dan, he is an affable guy who plays with stereos at work.


Dan here. Before I kill myself, I hope to get my name changed back to Paul. I am ready to jump out of my window.


You seem to be back to Paul so take the rope off your neck and have a beer. Nothing I tried this morning worked so I just waited. Seems to be more or less working now. Post counts have been reset again. Hope that’s temporary. Smileys seem to be working. I’d be a reasonably happy camper if FedEx hadn’t bumped my kit delivery from Saturday until Tuesday. Of course all my products are still missing, including the ones under warranty (like the NPC, P10).


My ‘Log In As’ is still wrong and when changing tells me my name is already taken embarassed


manuela3 - and I doubt that is your real identity…

Go way up top to My PS, choose Preferences. Look for your login name in the appropriate box. Click the drop down arrow in that box and choose your name from the drop down. Now, click update. You should be back to your old self.


Look at my name I am PDF

this was fixed a couple of times by me. Now I cannot fix anymore. My avatar went away a few times too. All in all it’s is nice but going to be while to get around here better . And Paul relax and get a good seat this will go on for a long while hahahaha.

May I ask who designed thus new forum. It is not like any other forum that I understand. The closest to this forum is audiogon and I cannot post or read there it is just bizarre to my mind anyway. The zoom is working but not the pinch I just keep hitting the large font A .

Just a thought if things keep changing is the new system corrupt !



My profile seemed to entirely vanish yesterday, along with prior posts. frown
I gave up and re-registered - noted it in the Login Issue thread this morning.


Today was a little different. My login session seems to expire after 24 hours. I was greeted as jrschuch again but was not logged in (because that makes sense?). After logging in (successfully this time!) it seems ok?