My name needs fixin'

My username is “flenser55”, my name is “Chris Weber”, and my postings show up as “Rebecca”. Huh?
Can someone fix this? Thanks!

– Chris

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I changed your user name to flenser55. Let me know if you want to be something else. :slight_smile:

That’ll do; thanks!

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You are very welcome. Let me know if I can ever otherwise help.

This thread reminded me of similar problems I wanted to bring up. My contact info is incorrect in a couple of places on the site. In the product registration and in the product ordering sections the moniker ‘jerryd6’ is correct but the contact info is for someone else, ‘George W’. Even after correcting this it reverts back on the next visit. Seems like a database problem.

I don’t know if you can help here, Elk except to let psa know there’s a problem. I would think others might also be affected. Anyway, I appreciate anything you can do.


That’s annoying.

Unfortunately I cannot address these issues. I suggest calling PSA customer service.

Thanks I’ll call them.

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