Increasing Plugs (Audiophile Solutions)

I have run out of plugs.

A PS Audio Power Plant (Regenerator) is not currently in the budget :frowning_face:. I have two outlets, both upgraded with PS Audio Power Port Classics. I also have a PS Audio Detect Power Center, but those are not really for high current devices like amplifiers and subwoofers. What is the most audiophile method(s) of increasing plugs? The cleanest solution is the Monster Core (1080 Joules) on wall outlet or similar. They are much cleaner than a power strip, but I am concerned this will clamp dynamics and bleach the sound like a power conditioner.

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You can build or have an electrician build a 4 outlet box with a 10 gage internal wiring, cord and plug. That will give you some room to expand as long as you don’t go over the breaker in load.

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I like Baldy’s recommendation. This shouldn’t be an insanely costly endeavor either. The used regens have been holding their value pretty well, but if you find one at a decent price, I’d highly recommend that over a mediocre conditioner.


Check this out.

Connex Kits Extra Receptacles

Don’t know what the budget allows but this is a clean way of getting extra outlets.

Chris’ Connex boxes are also a viable alternative.


The simplest circuit in between reduces impedance and subsequent current leakage into ground.

I think these have nothing but a breaker.

Of course, those premium solutions above are likely better, except the one with the LED voltage meter. That could introduce noise.

I would also be mindful of materials used. Just like a power cable, materials will likely impact sound character. You may want to try a few different boxes to see if they integrate well with your sound.

Go for another Dectet. Dectets handle big currents, don’t restrict sound, and are excellent for this. I’d shy away from the Monster unit.

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