Infinity crescendo cs-3009 polyfill placement?

Hi everyone, I have a pair of infinity crescendo cs-3009 speakers. I was told Arnie nudell might have designed these speakers & could tell me where polyfill went in these cabinets & if I couldn’t find Arnie then Paul McGowan knows Arnie or Paul might help. Paul I’m not sure if you’ll see this but if you have any information regarding the infinity crescendo cs-3009 speakers that would be amazing, or if anyone else knows anything about these speakers & where polyfill went & in what amounts

I do know Arnie but seriously doubt if he remembers how much internal damping material was used. My recollection of his style was to never use too much because it sounded “constipated” and he would make sure it was only enough to keep things quieted inside. Not sure if that helps.

Thanks Paul, it helps a little. I been using my ears to listen & test different amounts of fill for the mids & the lining around the 2 woofers single port. I just got into audio a year ago so it’s a learning curve. I’m learning to use software and a mic to see the changes that happen. I like hard figures to go on and not guessing by ear. Thanks anyways Paul for your input, I appreciate you taking a moment to reply.