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Nor I.

But often these discussions start with someone asserting the wealthy do not actually care about music or audio; they just buy expensive equipment to acquire and to show off.

I disagree with this.

My experience is the well-off are no worse in this regard than those with much less money.

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With this I agree, however there is a small aspect of the audiophile community that seems to enjoy displaying their gear vice sharing the artistic performance, irrespective of funds available. It is by no means limited to audiophiles, or audio gear.

I was pleasantly surprised when at work (IT dept at utility) one of our network team is into the hobby as well. Not nearly as much money into it as he is younger and kids. But he loves his turntable and monitor speakers. He seemed like he kept up to date on things he wants to do. Nice to find someone else at work into this hobby. I would never have guessed it would have been him too.


There has always been tension between those who enjoy listening to gear and those who enjoy listening to music. (This is a bit different than your point about people enjoying showing off their gear.)

I suspect most (everyone?) here is a combination of gear listener and music listener. We enjoy the music but are also fascinated by the hardware.


Well said Elk.

The new McIntosh owners are off to a great start…NOT! Now we know the direction they are headed. A box of nothing for $1,500.00!

A much more pertinent dichotomy for this group. Personally, I fall in the middle. As an engineer I like the equipment, but I do like the music too. Not to name names, but weedeewop and lonson are two of the blatant music lovers and I commend them! It’s just too bad it’s jazz! :wink:

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I’d agree the majority here favor a heightened listening experience and enjoyment of the music itself. My point goes beyond gear for “show”, but also a disproportionately high investment ratio of gear to software. This is somewhat skewed currently due to the increasing popularity of streaming.

I suspect most of us have more invested in hardware than software, even with hundreds of CDs/LPs.

Also, watching the “listening to” threads there are a great deal of repeat albums posted over and over.

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