Interface problem

Have a pre it doesn’t like input from P S Audio DAC. Get a lot of hum. Can I use a low pass filter and / or adjust the pre input impedance to solve the problem?

Thank you very much if you solve this.

Regards Erlend

You might get some good insight and suggestions if you share some details about your kit, settings, specifications, etc.

For starters, what is the make and model of your preamplifier and how are you connecting the DAC to the preamplifier?

Good luck.

The pre use a Neurochrome balanced circuit from Canada at the input. Followed by some Mantra Audio current feedback buffer moduls.

I am afraid this wasn’t useful to solve it.

Can you recommend a input impedance for my pre? Now I use a Gustard P 26 as pre without problems. I think input filtering and impedance correction CV ould solve it?


I had a similar issue and added 10db attenuators between the preamp and amps, which greatly reduced the hum, but not to zero. I’ve read some view attenuators as blasphemy that reduce SQ, but in my system I couldn’t tell a difference other than reduced hum.