Internet taxes

Are there any online venders left where you can purchase tax-free merchandise over the internet? I’m talking legit merchandise, let’s not go down that onion router rabbit hole. :crazy_face:

PS Audio, if you are outside Colorado.


You know you’re technically still on the hook to pay those taxes though, right?

Not judging and I don’t always declare everything I bought with no tax levied. Just wanted you to know it’s not really tax free based on the letter of the law.

You mean from PS Audio specifically or from any vender? What if I live in a state with no sales tax? What if I order merchandise from a vender in a state with no sales tax but I live in a state that does? What if a butterfly flaps its wings in a state with neither sales tax nor income tax? :thinking:

Any vendor. The excise tax only applies in the state in which you reside. It makes no difference if the state it was purchased from has sales tax or not. Don’t worry, vendors not collecting tax outside of their state don’t report anything to the IRS, yet. It’s up to you to report and pay.

There probably aren’t too many left that don’t collect, only the smaller vendors.

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Most states require sellers to collect sales taxes in states to which they ship goods even when the sellers do not have a physical presence.

Often there is a small seller exception; e.g., the seller make less than 200 sales per year into the state and less than $100,000 in sales.


I miss those days of tax free everything

I’m so old I remember ordering groceries from WebVan and Amazon was just an online book seller. I also remember typewriters :smile:

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BH Photo has a credit card that refunds the state sales tax on each purchase. You pay the tax, and they refund it to you in the form of a discount.

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