Is a streamer needed?

My setup is iMAC Ethernet and NAS with my Bridge II/Perfect wave into an Ayre amp/pre. I use Roon and Qoboz.

Question is where I should buy a Roon or other streamer to improve my sound? I love my system’s sound now. The only exception is Roon quites at times and periodically the music goes off for a second. Network contention? but nothing else is using my Compast modem’s resources at the time.

So streamer or maybe just a dedicated Roon core??

If you are on Roon, you are likely on 1.7, which has known skip and dropout issues.

Have you upgraded to Build 505? That is supposed to fix the issues.

Maybe no streamer needed, unless this has been going on a long time.

Hi @Ken_Eis,

I you detail the other parts of your system, we can make suggestions to improve things, maybe. Speakers? Describe your space, dimensions?

Regarding the skipping issue, 1.7 B505 is quite stable for streaming. If you’re experiencing skips with local NAS content, I would suspect bad cabling or a failing or substandard network switch or underpowered Roon Core. Best to open a support ticket over on

I believe Qobuz tuned some things as the skips I experienced only occurred over the course of 18 hours with no other changes and prior to B505 update. Roon cloud could have been updated prior to B505, but this is getting a bit in the weeds (and speculation).