Is it just me or is there something screwy going on with the Forum site?


Issues: Log-in (the most annoying), photos - sometimes post snaps are there and sometimes not, and those funny faces are missing.

Anyone else?


I could not login this weekend, had to reset my password.


What is most annoying is the fact that the web login sometimes insist that you have put the wrong password, when I am sure that this is not the case.

In those cases you either have to wait for a while before doing another attempt or alter your password. I simply alter it to the former one, and then I can log in again.


I’ve had a few emails [direct] from members who had problems logging in.I have also noted the site to be a bit slower to load lately but I figured it was the extra DS traffic.

I’m not sure if anyone besides Paul and I have access to the innards?

I remember a while ago where the avatars and names got all mixed.

It wern’t me,


I wonder if clearing browser cache might help?

Perhaps someone can try that if it happens again.


The same, a login issue and more weird, My PS section do no longer display my registered product.



Then something is weird.

Email sent to Paul to investigate


I had to reset my password and I have a report of someone not being able to message me…


Working OK on my end. The only thing screwy on my end is… uh, me.

Working OK on my end. The only thing screwy on my end is... uh, me.

I know the feeling......


All of the above for me too. I though I got banned. I had to change my password .



I had to reset my password, 2 days in a row now.

And it does seem some what sluggish in responding as well.


Working OK on my end. The only thing screwy on my end is... uh, me.
Same here (on both counts).


Same incorrect pswd msg for me. Resetting the pswd did not work initially.

I then tried to set up a new user account, but some info was already filled in (my user name in the pswd confirm box). This page was displayed with the ‘SHOPPING’ heading. Couldn’t get this to work at all.

Finally got the pswd reset to work. Probably about an hour for all.


going from the foum to “my PS” it also showed no reg items.

I did a search by email addy and it said I was not logged in.

Maybe someone is setting up or adjusting for new products?

The last time PMcG was in there is the other time we [ some] had issues.

They are all supposed to be in the listening room as we speak and listening to my DAC before handing it over to Fed-Ex.

Well they better be!

:-? [-O<


Mystery solved. It was Aliens practicing their meditation.

“Yeah, the new webmaster hosed the user database. Then he went to a backed up version and hopefully fixed it.”


Sorry guys. As Gordon wrote the webmaster deleted the entire user database and all attached to it. Sigh. We went to a Friday backup of the DB and restored the tables that were violated. Everything should be back to before the destruction occurred. Let us know if not.


And now the pages jumps up and down all of a sudden on my iPad :-/



That happens when a large pic is injected into the thread. it only seems to affect the ipad though.

any more mysteries to solve? >:) =:)


Hey, I don’t see my DirectStream DAC in My Devices. I think it was mistakenly sent to Gordon. Just send one a.s.a.p. Tomorrow would be an acceptable shipping date. [-O< :smiley:


@wglenn No surprise there = :))