Is it me, or is this overkill?

image First of all, I know so little compared to most members of this forum. This is not my room and could never be due to the expense of the equipment. I saw this picture on the internet and thought wow, this could not sound right due to the set up and the physical size of the room vs the equipment size. Most of my knowledge has come from slinking around the forum. Not sure why I am posting this, but I thought it might generate some thoughtful comments. Obviously, I have not heard the system, but it just seemed wrong to me…and here I thought the 30s would be too large for my room. Now I have to rethink that idea. Happy New year.


It seems to be Greg Weaver´s system and you can find lots of reviews and articles from his site
I believe sound is absolute world class there while that room ain´t too wide but it´s quite long and works fine with such crazy speakers. Happy reading and new year :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s Greg’s room.

Respectfully, it’s you. Only the listener/owner knows what overkill is, based on knowledge, experiences, and available resources.


…unless of course you mean hanging up anything Phil Collins on the wall, in which case you’re 100% correct. :wink:


The picture is very distorted compared with this one. But it is a really nice pair of headphones😝


The amps in the first picture are monoblock tube amps from VAC.
Does anyone know (for certain) if the amps in the photo beef posted are Infigo monoblocks?

If that’s overkill, I’ll take overkill. Any time. Minus the stuff on the walls. Alas, aesthetics is as personal as our audio systems.

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I’m a little dizzy after looking at that picture.
No PS Audio Power Plant
No real kuhl power strip.
Cables lying on the floor.
I could go on…

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Overkill? Not if he lives in a small apartment and hates all his neighbors! :joy:



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It does have the look of Audionet

audionet MAX

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Just looking at the set up, as well as the mid-range and HF transducers on those speakers, I would expect spectacular performance and an excellent sense of depth and width of sound stage.

Killer system, as far as I can tell.

I would say the distorted image makes it look like a sub-par set up.

Given the picture @badbeef posted after yours, I would say the speakers are not too much for the room, so long as they are driven with appropriate moderation.

@winston007 I met Greg at Capital Audiofest this year. Great Guy and an old school Prog Rock nutcase like myself and so many others. He spun a bunch of 1st Pressing In the Court of, EP 1970, and a couple of others that I forget now. My Wife & I were NOT impressed with Von Scheikert as a Host. OK…I get that the free Booze is only for paying customers, and anyone else who is on his staff that night (not a big deal - Roy Hall - A Gentleman & a Scholar let me have a few Drams in their room).

Again, I like Greg and watch his Channel quite often. I can’t afford he reviews but that’s the point of his YouTube Channel.

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Phil Collins is the best artist on that wall.

I think the last show I attended before you know what hit the fan, I heard the Von Schweikert
audio ultra 9 loudspeakers. Best setup I think I’ve ever heard.