Is it too much? No... Maybe

I know I’ve been rambling about a wide variety of, let’s say esoteric, aspects that I would still include as part of our hobby. Recently I’ve gotten some flack, I guess for being too technical and idealistic. I can take flack, no problem, but what kinda vexes me is that in principle, shouldn’t a hi-fi family encourage new ideas and there should be no limit to technical talk if there’s enough sensible topics to go through.
I don’t view this as a music forum, and I doubt anyone does, it’s a tech forum. Full of music lovers.

Please give advice on even better communication. This is my only “community” and I trust I’m a recognised face already. I don’t want to seem too far from humanity in my expression, let’s say. …Is it my dialect?

Note: this thread isn’t about me, do generalize. Opinions, comparisons, advice, resolutions.
What goes beyond the line of too much in the sense that people will unnecessarily react such that the matter at hand doesn’t advance?

PS. Damn, that was a bit tough to read. I guess it’s the dialect…


You are in the correct place to be you!
Merry Christmas!


Grandiosely merry Christmas to you too. I’ve understood you are living a “somewhat” grandiose audio dream. Do you get used to it?
(And most importantly how did you hide all those cables?)

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I thought Mr. T was going to be re-elected and the financial ruin that would bring would wipe me out. So I invested in each and every whim. At this very moment I could not be happier with my decision. My room is so very easy to sit in and enjoy.

But, there is always a but, that doesn’t mean anyone with a more modest system cannot feel exactly the same way. I prefer those who can live simply. They just can’t enjoy stand up bass like I can.


Now you know that ain’t right!!

You think that is bad…look at what is in DC now…and the squad’s green new deal
now called BBB…will surely come after your Gryphons and all your gear to pay for it all.

Inflation is back to or worse than the Malaise president of yore…
plus the current move to kill off energy production…and place us at the
mercy of OPEC…when we should be independent…

There goes PS Audio, Pass Labs, Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, McIntosh, Jeff Rowland,
Cary Audio, Rogue Audio plus US speaker manufacturers …
who knows who else…down the slow road to demise.

Not very good is it?
Still appreciate ya Al…

Just had to reply to that …

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Will America become third world?
I don’t read news.

Knox gonna be relocated to Israel?

Very sadly it is on it’s way given the crt and cancel culture going on
that substitures genuine acasdemics …our schools are falling way behind…

Fort Knox is empty…

I know. I was joking…
Anyway, how would Israel allow America to fall behind as a whole, considering they are in a very symbiotic relationship?

Hey Arenith… you started a good thing with this thread!!

I didn’t start the talk about politics.
What did I start?

No, but Al did :grin:

While everyone has been respectful :+1:, let’s stop discussing politics before it gets messy.


You are right Elk…agreed!!

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Some people can’t help with the political jabs, this thread had nothing to do with politics.

Title: [Is it too much? No… Maybe]

I’ll say something relevant.
Galen, who I respect thoroughly, responded to me in a thread about material science, that it’s all about the design, design, design, the materials come after. Yes, he’s right when it comes to cables. But he definitely did not encourage me to delve into material science. Not at all, the opposite even.
Someone has to design the structure and manufacturing methods for the materials before anyone can use them!
I think I had a good idea for a start, but really there’s no one here who can say much about the possibilities of constructing a conductor layer-by-layer with preferably the finest nano-scale methods in varying, calculated periods of differing metals and perhaps carbon, to possibly affect the skin effect and current distribution by having a gradually impeding structure towards the surface. If even viable, it’d be hitech and very expensive. So it’s not gonna happen even as a possible solution, until I’m an engineer.
(This is why people need encouragement! Even if the idea seems implausible, it might not be absolutely worthless)

I am not offering political comment, but an observation on economics, look at reality:

Arguments can be shortsighted in the near time, America has come out on top for the last 100 years or longer. Despite wars, taxes and depression our top 1% have always improved their financial position and wealth, while the rest of us argue over table scraps and amps. We are easily distracted by shiny things.

Its a simple lesson and so I follow the stock market and plan to join the 1%. In the meantime I plan to buy a lot of shiny components in 2022 and listen to all of your appreciated music recommendations along the way. Hey, if you can’t join the 1% you can still act like one.

Always remember and apply, “control what you can”.

Merry Christmas, I love you all.

Now I understand! I know the boss man is watching, but the last few years have really questioned my ability to understand how things work. I’ll leave it at that.

My intention for that message was not to start a political discussion. It was a simple explanation on how I got where I am with my audio system.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


I hear ya, Al.

Late November 2016 we got a dog because why the hell not.

I’ve spent the entire pandemic trying to avoid eye contact with it.

And so it goes.

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