Is the PWT backordered?


I placed an order with MusicDirect 2 weeks ago this Friday for the promotion package with the Directstream and the PWT. So far I’ve only received the Directstream and I’ve been calling MusicDirect religiously only to be told that PS Audio was supposed to ship the PWTs since last week to no avail. Is there someone at PS Audio that could help me with this?


Patience my friend, the promotion was quite popular and we’re shipping as quickly as we can. Some transports will be on back order and for that I apologize.


Mr. McGowan, thank you. Very kind and generous of you, taking time to take care of this unimportant issue. I’ll sure be patient, and count me among your loyal costumers.


Thanks! Although I would say it is very important. Nothing worse than wanting very much to have something you’re excited about and then be told you have to wait. We’re working hard to deliver those that are on backorder and thank you for your patience.